How to turn on Documents and Data for iCloud sync

1Password stores your data in an encrypted container inside your Documents & Data section of iCloud. If this was turned off, 1Password won’t be able to use iCloud.

iCloud Grayed out

To enable the iCloud sync in 1Password, you’ll need to turn on Documents and Data in your iOS > iCloud’s Settings.

Turn on Documents and Data for iCloud

1. Go to the iOS’ Settings app

Go to Settings on your iOS device

2. Scroll down until you see iCloud and tap on it

Tap on iCloud

3. Confirm that the iCloud account on top is exactly the same as other iOS devices you have. Now, scroll down until you see Documents and Data and tap on it

Confirm the account name and tap on Documents and Data

4. Tap on OFF to switch it on

Docs and Data Disabled

Docs and Data Enabled

If you want 1Password to sync your data across the cellular networks, turn on Use Cellular here to enable the iCloud sync. Enable Cellular for Docs and Data Watch your monthly data usage as enabling this can increase the usage.

5. Now, 1Password is ready for you to turn on iCloud!

iCloud on

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