Learn about each category type in 1Password

Now, you know what categories are all about, this goes into more details about each one. There are some categories that can be filled in in the web mode and they are the first italicized three listed below:


Logins icon

Logins are simple items that just have a username and a password but it can be much more. If you include a website address in it, the web browser in 1Password can use it to fill in those details. If you want, you can also add more than one website address in the same Login item.

Credit Cards

Credit cards icon

Don’t leave your credit or debit cards in random places on your iPhone without protection, store it in 1Password and be confident that it’s secure in 1Password. 1Password can also use these information to make your shopping a bit easier in the web mode as it can fill the data that many sites ask for.


Identity icon

Identities are great for storing names, addresses, job titles, email addresses, and other items related to a particular person. Each person can have more than one identity. This is useful when you have separate information; one for work, one used for home and/or for entering different billing/shipping addresses.

Like the credit cards category, the Identities category can also be filled into websites when the information contained within the specific identity is needed.

Bank Accounts

Bank Accounts

Store all the information about your bank accounts in 1Password, so you can always look it up quickly on your iOS devices instead of going through your papers or calling your bank for it. Plus, it’s encrypted with your master password, so you don’t have to worry about the security of it in the cases of theft.



Got databases where you need to remember the details to get into it but forgot it at work? Not anymore, you can store them into 1Password for easy retrieval wherever you are.

Driver Licenses

Driver Licenses

Forms or sites asking for your driver’s information? Look it up in 1Password and write it down or if you’re in web mode already in 1Password, switch over to the data vault to locate it and copy it before pasting it into the web site.

You can also use 1Password on your computer to attach a copy of your license as an image file to the item and sync it to your iOS devices.

Email Accounts

Email Account

Love email clients instead of web apps? Store all the details you need to log into your email clients in 1Password, so you no longer have to check the email provider’s help documents.



You shouldn’t have to remember or look for your membership IDs to clubs when they ask for it. Just open 1Password, go into this category and you can tell them the ID or some stores will let you use an image of your membership cards instead of the cards itself.

So, if you have stores like that, scan your cards and store it into 1Password on your computer, sync it to your iOS devices and you don’t need to the cards anymore after that.

Generated Passwords

Generated Password item

This category is a special category that stores passwords created with 1Password’s strong password generator. This serves as a safety net, to allow you to refer to them if needed prior to saving them in one of the other categories.

You won’t be able to create new items into this category, instead, use the password generator within the other category items to generate a new password.

Outdoor Licenses

Outdoor license

The Outdoor licenses are for storing your license details related to the outdoor activities, such as fishing. Be sure not to drop your iPhone in the water when fishing.



You never know when you may need the information about your passport and chances are that you’re not carrying it all the time with you, so why not store it in 1Password and have it anywhere you are.

Reward Programs

Reward Programs

Collect all of your rewards in 1Password! Well, at least store the account information for all of your reward programs in one place.

Secure Notes

Secure Notes

Secure Notes are plain text documents, great for creating short notes that you need kept secure within 1Password. These are not intended to be used for very long documents that span multiple pages. Think of them as sticky notes for important data.

You can attach files in 1Password on the computer and sync it to your iOS devices, however not all file types can be displayed.

The cool thing is that you can also print them if you want them on papers instead if you have printers that support AirPrint.



Got a lot of servers that you manage at work and home? 1Password can store the data for you on the go, so you don’t need your computer at work to remember how to get in. In addition, by syncing to 1Password on your computers, you can easily copy and paste data to login.

Social Security Numbers

Social Security

Don’t carry your social security cards with you if you don’t need to, they should be protected and treasured. With 1Password, you can enter your family’s social security information and have access to it anywhere, like writing it down in forms without having the cards next to you.

If you have 1Password on your computers, you can store images of your social security cards in 1Password and sync it to your iOS devices securely.

Software Licenses

Software License

Software is for storing software licenses along with other information that comes with them like the purchase date, purchase price, and other useful information. One helpful tip is to that you can also attach the receipts or license files to the software items on the desktop and have it sync’ed to your iOS devices.



Now, you don’t have to use a simple password for your wireless network because it’s difficult to remember each time you add a new device to the network. Store your router’s configuration data in 1Password and you can use it to share with your roommates and/or family members how to get on the Wi-Fi network and/or email them the data if you’re using a temporary guest Wi-Fi network.

And many more..

You can create your own mini templates of data by creating custom sections and fields in your items and organize them into Folders.

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