How to share a non-primary vault

One of 1Password 4’s biggest new features is multiple vaults. Once you’ve created a new vault, you might want to share it with someone: a colleague, work team, or spouse, for example. Here’s how.

There are two simple, important things to know about this process:

Ready? Let’s get started.

Prepare your vault for sharing

Once you’ve created and set up your vault, configure the vault’s sync settings, accessible by using the 1Password 4 > Preferences menu option and then clicking the Sync tab.

Sync options

Either Dropbox or Folder sync will work for this purpose.

Dropbox sync

Start by selecting the Dropbox sync option.

Dropbox sync option

Next, click to select the particular folder.

Dropbox choose folder

Now we get to the part that’s different from the regular Dropbox sync guide: create a folder inside your Dropbox folder. This is the folder you’re going to share.

Dropbox new folder

When you create your new folder, it gets selected and opened automatically, so now all you have to do is click the Open button to continue.

Dropbox select new folder

In the next screen, you can verify that 1Password is going to create an .agilekeychain file with the name of the shared vault in the new Dropbox folder. Click the Continue button.

Dropbox sync confirm

Now it’s just like the regular Dropbox sync setup: 1Password will ask you if you want to start syncing, so click the Start Syncing button to proceed.

Start syncing the vault with Dropbox

Dropbox share

Great, your shared vault is being synced with Dropbox. Now you’re ready to share it. Start by sharing the Dropbox folder that contains the shared vault.

Dropbox folder share contextual menu option

This will take you to the Dropbox web site, where you can invite the person(s) with whom you want to share this vault.

Dropbox folder share invitation

For more details on sharing Dropbox folders, please have a look at their web site.

You’re all set. In our example, Nik will receive an invitation from Dropbox to join the OrangeBits folder. When he does, the OrangeBits folder will be synced to his computer.

Folder sync and share

If you prefer to use Folder sync instead of Dropbox, the Folder sync guide will help you with this. Just be sure to select a folder that’s accessible by everyone who needs access to the shared vault. Just as with the Dropbox sync, 1Password will create an .agilekeychain in the folder with the name of the shared vault.

Adding a shared vault

Now let’s talk about what happens on the other end when you share a vault with someone. Whether I used Dropbox or Folder sync, the end result is that 1Password creates OrangeBits.agilekeychain in the folder that I am sharing with Nik.

Nik first needs to unlock his main 1Password app. Once unlocked, all Nik has to do is open the shared folder and double-click the shared vault.

OrangeBits vault in shared folder

When he does, 1Password will prompt him to create a new vault on his end. He’ll need to provide the password I selected when I created the vault on my end.

New shared vault on the recipient's end

That’s all there is to it. 1Password will automatically keep everything in sync and separate from other vaults.

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