Sync with iCloud

Syncing with iCloud couldn’t be simpler. All we need to do is make sure that iCloud is enabled and then tell 1Password to use it.

Enable iCloud

Open the System Preferences application on your Mac.

System Preferences menu option

Select the iCloud icon.

System Preferences: iCloud

Sign into iCloud using your Apple ID, if you haven’t already.

Sign into iCloud

Enable iCloud’s “Documents & Data” option. This is the option that lets applications like 1Password sync their data with iCloud.

Enable Documents & Data option

Instruct 1Password to sync with iCloud

Open 1Password’s preferences.

1Password preferences

Select the Sync tab and then select the iCloud option.

Sync Options

Finally, tell 1Password to start syncing.

Start syncing with iCloud

Depending on the size of your 1Password vault, the intial sync can take some time. Give iCloud a few minutes to finish syncing your data. From now on, opening 1Password’s Preferences > Sync window will display the path to your 1Password vault in iCloud, as well as when the vault was last synced.

iCloud sync timestamp

If you’re using an iOS device that you’d like to keep in sync with your Mac, we can also help you set up iCloud sync in 1Password 4 for iOS.

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