Sync using local Wi-Fi

If your Mac and iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad) are connected to the same local network, or if you create an ad hoc wireless network using your Mac, you can use local Wi-Fi to sync your 1Password vault.

Prepare 1Password for Mac for Wi-Fi sync

On your Mac, open 1Password 4 beta and use the Window > Wi-Fi Sync menu option.

Wi-Fi Sync menu option

You can also type ⌘9 to open the Wi-Fi Sync window.

Wi-Fi Sync window

That’s it! Now you’re ready to switch to the iOS side of this equation.

Tell 1Password for iOS to use Wi-Fi sync

This feature requires 1Password 4.3 for iOS. Wi-Fi sync was added to 1Password for iOS in version 4.3. If you use 1Password 4, please check the App Store for this free update to access this new feature.

Open 1Password 4 and tap Settings > Sync > Wi-Fi Sync.

Tab Bar: Settings

Settings: Sync

Settings: Sync: Wi-Fi Sync

1Password will display a list of available Macs, by computer name. You’ll see something like this:

Wi-Fi Sync List

Next, tap the name of the Mac with which you’ll be syncing your 1Password data.

Wi-Fi Sync Target

You can see in the above screenshot that the Secret has not been set, so the next step is to enter the secret that is displayed by 1Password 4 on your Mac.

Wi-Fi Sync Secret

Wi-Fi Sync Secret

Finally, tap the Sync Now button.

Wi-Fi Sync Now

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